20170417-130833-753A6679I grew up Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. It’s a quaint and quiet little market town which has it’s few little oddities, like a castle which isn’t really there and a totem pole overlooking the Grand Union Canal. After taking Classical Studies at Royal Holloway University, I moved to North London, which is neither quaint or quiet.

I’m currently a Coordinator in television production which is not a job which affords you a lot of free time. So with every spare moment, I pursue my dream of becoming a published author. I’ve been writing all my life, boring my family rigid with my stories. I mostly write fantasy and I’m currently working on a steampunk novel. However, as I’ve been working on it for four years now, I’ve recently begun to branch into short story writing. If only as a respite from the madness!

I started this blog in an effort to take writing more seriously. I’ve been writing my whole life but it’s only been recently I’ve been serious in¬†developing my skills. I’m also a member of the London Writers Cafe¬†a group who are incredibly supportive.