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7# Sci-Fi Twitter Feeds You Should Be Following!

Are you missing a daily sci-fi fix in your Twitter feed? Here is a list of some of the many brilliant Twitter accounts tweeting out all things science fiction.

This is not a list of sci-fi actors and directors! To get on this list, you have to be tweeting all things sci-fi the majority of the time. Rather than photos of your adorable cats. If they’re a big organisation, they also need to tweet more than just their own content.

If you’re interested in this sort of content, you should be following my sci-fi and fantasy blog by clicking here!

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Space Cowboy Scifi @CowboySciFiBot

Probably my favourite feed, Space Cowboy manages to find the best scif-fi news and articles out there!

Clarkesworld @clarkesworld

The account of the Clarkesworld magazine, they frequently retweet news about sci-fi fiction.

Sci-Fi Bloggers @SciFiBloggers

A frequent retweeter of all things sci-fi, they also cross over into fantasy if that’s your thing.

Comic-Con HQ @ComicConHQ

Even if you’re not a frequent Comic-Con attendee, their account is a brilliant one to follow as they’re always retweeting the latest sci-fi news!


A crazy sci-fi feed who’s retweets and posts cover almost every fandom out there!

@ComicConHQ @SciFiBloggers @clarkesworld @CowboySciFiBot @hollywoodscifi @SciFi_authors @getFANDOM

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