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My quest to read all of Agatha Christie

Did you know it’s Agatha Christie’s birthday today?

A while ago, I decided that I was going to read all of Agatha Christie’s works. I knew I already had a vast majority of them done already – how hard could it be?

It turned out to be a far more difficult task than I thought!

imagesThe trouble is I know every Agatha Christie story out there – but I’ve haven’t necessarily read the book. Between the two ITV series featuring the incomparable David Suchet and Joan Hickson, and the many and various BBC Radio adaptations, I’ve realized that my knowledge of Christie’s books may be a little more frazzled than I hoped.

Some of the holes are obvious. When I was younger, Poirot was the beginning and end of the Christie conversation. Why would I want to read any other book? Which meant I never started on the Tommy and Tuppence books. Miss Marple is a character I didn’t understand until I got much older, so it’s only been in the last five years that she’s become one of my idols.

I’d love to be Miss Marple one day – she’s sassy, in a strictly Victorian way.

I have a dramatization of a further two, Poirot’s Early Cases and Hallowe’en Party, andMiss-Marple-miss-marple-23639638-800-546 I’ve read the two continuation novels by Sophie Hannah. I don’t count these four in the main total as there more Agatha Christie inspired than pure Christie.

And yet, it’s still more complicated than that. Because television had to go an mangle everything.

Any Agatha Christie story which didn’t feature Poirot or Miss Marple in it originally has an adaptation where they’ve been crowbarred in. So Crooked House and Sparkling Cyanide are NOT Poirot stories. Why Didn’t they Ask Evans is NOT a Miss Marple story. And yet I’ve seen adaptations where they are.

So, after a lot of Wikipedia searching, cross-checking of my library and using a few different bibliographies I found online, I’ve determined that I have read 59 of the 90 novels, plays and short stories of Agatha Christie.

Which means that to have read everything, I will have to read another 31 books.

Wish me luck!


1 thought on “My quest to read all of Agatha Christie”

  1. Happy Birthday, Agatha. 🙂

    I think I’ve read about 20 Agatha Christie books, seen numerous films and TV series and saw her play The Mousetrap live on stage (where I correctly guessed the identity of the murderer during intermission much to the shock of my dad and other people I saw the play with).


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