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Where do you get your ideas from?

The eternal question asked by and of writers. Where do you get your ideas from? In response to this frequently asked question, the divine Neil Gaiman has said: 'I make them up,' I tell them. 'Out of my head.' Well, obviously. Whatever we do and say, odds are, it probably originated from out of our heads.… Continue reading Where do you get your ideas from?

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Should we care about the top 100 books?

Once a year, a list like this gets published. 100 books to read before you die. 100 books you should read. 100 books that changed the world. You know the sort. Last Monday, the BBC published their latest version of this on the culture website. 100 Stories that Shaped the World. And every time I see one… Continue reading Should we care about the top 100 books?

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Review: Quiz by James Graham

On a sunny Saturday in London, I went to see Quiz at the Noel Coward Theatre. Written by James Graham, this has to be the most mental plays I've seen. Yet it's thought-provoking and current in the light of social media as it is today. And while I enjoyed it, I also have to admit, it felt… Continue reading Review: Quiz by James Graham