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Writing Resolutions of 2018

I’ve never believed in New Year’s Resolutions because they simply don’t work! There’s a good reason why every article out there which talks about New Year’s Resolutions also adds some helpful advice on how to stick to them.  If there’s anyone out there who has made a Resolution and kept to it for longer than six months, please comment and let us know how you did it!

So against my better judgement, I found myself making certain promises to myself about how I’m going to approach my writing this year.

Hit my reading target!

Goodreads runs a challenge every year where you can set yourself a target number of books to read over the course of the year. I’ve seen all my friends and family reach or surpass their goals and little old me, who loves reading more than anything (except writing, maybe… close run thing) can’t even hit my 25 books a year.

That’s not to say I don’t read, I read a lot. But I get distracted by work, life and my own little crisis and I find it hard to finish a book which I’ve put down for too long. But this year, no excuses. I’ve set myself a target of 25 and I plan to surpass it.

I’m currently reading The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde and LOVING it.

No falling behind on the blog…

When I started blogging, I hadn’t quite realised how much effort it would be. Coming up with things to talk about and interesting ways to talk about them is a full-time job. I have a new respect for journalists who not only have to do this for a living but also have to reach a ridiculously high standard to get anywhere in their industry.

I’m not being paid, getting any acclaim and barely anyone reads this anyway, but I realised the blog is me more than anything else. It makes me write, even when I’m ‘not in the mood’. It’s breaking down my conception of writing ‘when I feel like it’ and instead showing me there are deadlines to adhere to.

So no falling behind again!

Actively try to get published

Last year, I managed to get onto the Long List of the amazing Christopher Fielden competition To Hull and Back. As wonderful as that was, it was more of a fluke than anything else. I love Christopher’s work and the annual anthology of dark humour in To Hull and Black. So I sent a story in to try my luck.

This year, I want to be more active about it. That means more research, playing the odds in who to submit to and committing to writing things they want to read, rather than whatever I want in the hope they like it to!

The key is going to be producing a lot of really good material and being more strategic in my applications… I like to set myself challenges…

Commit to writing time

I’m terrible at giving myself writing time. Everything else always seems more important, until it’s over and I look back in regret that I didn’t even manage a chapter this week.

This writing resolution conveniently links up to a more traditional New Years Resolutions. I need to go to bed at a proper time so I can wake up early and write for an hour before work. Eugh. I’m terrible at going to bed anytime before 1am so this is probably going to be more of a struggle than getting published, frankly.

They say it takes


6 thoughts on “Writing Resolutions of 2018”

  1. Great resolutions, Melanie. I struggle with that last one in particular, “Commit to writing time.” I picked two words to focus on this year, ‘Commit’ and ‘Focus’. Need to use that as a mantra “Commit and focus” and maybe I will achieve this resolution. Good luck to you, too!

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    1. Commitment is the word, isn’t it? Half the battle seems to be just not giving into the urge to give up for a hundred and one ridiculous reasons.


  2. We have a lot of the same resolutions. I usually pick a few resolutions and make one the ultimate priority. I did this a year I wanted to lose weight and get fit, and lo and behold it worked. They also say as you get older resolutions are easier to stick with.

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    1. Well done on the weight loss! Wish I could – but it always seems opposed to the ‘write more’ resolution. Maybe if I could find a way to write and run! Good luck with your resolutions this year!

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  3. Great goals for the new year. I thoroughly enjoyed The Eyre Affair. Come join us at 52 books where you’ll have plenty of reading company if you like . Not everyone reads 52 books as some set their own goals. Know what you mean about blogging and I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. Not always easy to find something to talk about, however it encourages me to keep on writing. I’ve been setting monthly goals and challenges to write every day every other month, then back it down to three times a week again. Committing to writing time is also my biggie that need to work on. Trying to figure out which part of the day I’m most creative is a work in progress itself. Best wishes for a fruitful year. Like your blog and I’ll be following! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s very kind of you! 52 Books looks amazing – I’m definitely going to have a look at that. Best of luck with all your writing goals this year! 🙂


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