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I’m going to start a blog. How hard can it be?

I’ve been creating stories for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would borrow my father’s video camera and tell stories, often with props but always bossing around my younger sister (aka the lead actress and stagehand) and my impressive range of made up words like ‘blustery-er’.

It wasn’t until I was eleven and knocked out a novel, seemingly from nowhere, that I knew I wanted to be a writer. It was called The Protected and has never seen the light of day because it’s simply atrocious. It’s now password protected and in the deepest folder I can bury it in on my computer. But it showed me I can do it, if only I really put my mind to it.

In the meantime, however, life happened. I went to Royal Holloway University and did Classical Studies. I now work in television production as a Coordinator, which isn’t a job which leaves you with a lot of free time.

I know I can write. That’s not really the issue. I have to write. It’s that or go mad, or explode. All the people and places and strange happenings I think of all has to go onto paper or risk leaking out of my ears. What I’m lacking is the time and skill to write something that has a hope in hell of being published.

So, I’m starting a blog. My hope is that being forced to write knowing it’s going to be seen by a wider audience than my long-suffering family will hopefully force me to up my game. Perhaps writing to deadlines will help me manage my perfectionism. Maybe I’ll even write something that speaks to someone, who knows?

I’m sure of one thing at least… there goes the last of my free time.


6 thoughts on “I’m going to start a blog. How hard can it be?”

  1. Excellent idea. You can also enter competitions – flash fiction ones mean a shorter piece of finished work is required. And everyone has a bottom drawer novel that shouldn’t see the light of day, even though some do…


    1. My first comment, thank you! I’m definitely going to look into competitions. Flash fiction is a good call, but such a small word count always scares me! XD


      1. The late Sir Terry Pratchett commented that short stories were much harder for him than novels, and I dimly remember a similar comment from Neil Gaiman.


      2. Two of my absolute favourite authors. If they struggled that’s comforting at least!


  2. Hi Melanie. I remember you talking about your love of writing and your WIP when we were at RHUL together. You promised me a copy of your first published work; I’m sure it will arrive one day. I think you will find a lot of encouragement and support from the community here; it’s an excellent way to keep motivated. I’m looking forward to reading more from you!


    1. Haha the WIP is still the damn steampunk novel I’m working on! Good news is it’s fully plotted and in its first draft. Bad news is it won’t be ready for beta readers until early next year! But I promise you a copy sooner or later 🙂

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